About Us

Ogden Scott is your Specialist Insurance Recruitment partner.  

We're a boutique agency providing a tailored approach to your recruitment requirements. Whether you're looking to hire a chief actuary, a head of exposure management or an analyst we can leverage our extensive network across London, the UK and other international insurance hubs to bring you the right talent. 

With the business coming to life in 2021, we wanted to create a recruitment firm that was different. One that strayed away from the corporate scene and one that was managed with a compassionate and understanding approach. This philosophy has allowed us to foster and grow a team of capable and determined consultants who are able make a meaningful impact on the sector and feel truly valued. 

Ogden Scott was built on the idea of adaptability and transparency in the hopes of building lifelong partnerships with the people we work with. We provide personalised talent solutions that other recruitment agencies just don’t offer, and we do so with honesty and care.  

We understand that finding the right team for a business can be difficult, but we aren’t afraid to put in the work. Our consultants work tirelessly to source that hard-to-reach talent, so your team can rest easy knowing we’re bringing you the best of the best.  

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