Expert Consultancy Services

Ogden/Scott work with an extensive network of small independent consultancies that can deliver any project you need. Whether it’s a small piece of work that simply needs an expert opinion or a whole team to deliver a large scale project we can find the consultancy to match your requirements. 

A small independent consultancy has the adaptability and enthusiasm to deliver projects to an expert standard at a fraction of the cost of Big4. Ogden/Scott have developed a sourcing method that ensures the process of selecting an actuarial consultancy is simple and streamlined but offers you the luxury of picking from a number of perfectly pitched proposals to ensure your project is delivered within the timescale and budget you require.

Specialist Knowledge Areas

  • Reserving
  • Capital
  • Pricing
  • IFR17
  • Finance reporting
  • Validation
  • Model building/ developing
  • Claims analytics
  • Solvency II
  • Data analytics
  • Portfolio review